Traveling by Car

Leave at night so that most of your travel time is in the wee hours of the morning.  There will be a lot less traffic, no delays, and you can spend the morning on a public beach or shopping on your  Outer Banks vacation.  

One 'gotcha' to watch out for - time your refueling with gas stations that are opening during those late hours.  Otherwise, you could get stuck with no gas and no open gas stations until morning.

Make sure you have your vehicle fully serviced before the trip.  Have the tires properly inflated to maximize your gas mileage.  

Scout out gas prices on the internet to see which areas offer the best prices.  Change your refueling points to coincide with the lower gas prices.


The Outer Banks Weather

The weather conditions in the Outer Banks are affected by the Gulf Stream currents.  The average January temperature is 40 degrees and the average July temperature is in the 80s.  The hurricane season runs from June thru November.  Enjoy the tropical-like weather on your Outer Banks vacation!

Beach Vacation Trip Decisions

You definitely need an Outer Banks vacation in North Carolina.  Consider staying for two weeks instead of one!  That will give you plenty of time to relax and enjoy yourself.  You will not be rushing around trying to cramp 10 days worth of events into 6 days!  Relax and enjoy your vacation!  Stay for more than one week.

Carefully consider who you invite.  If you are looking to relax and gain piece-of-mind, avoid inviting those who will interfere with these goals.  Remember this is your Outer Banks vacation and this is your time off!

On the Beach

Have someone go early in the morning and setup beach umbrellas and blankets to "stake your claim."  Others can arrive later at their leisure to fill the spot. 

 Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen…  Use it early and often.  Sunburns can put a damper on a great Outer Banks vacation.

 Bring to the beach what you will enjoy doing that day.  If your passion is reading, bring a couple good books.  If it sports, bring a portable volleyball net, horseshoes, and your favorite ball to toss.  Kite flying is great fun at the beach.

 Bring your favorite summertime beverages packed in coolers.  Most beaches prohibit glass bottles, but plastic and cans are allowed.

 Always leave the beach better than you found it.  Clean up after yourself.

Most of the beaches are public.  Spots are first-come-first-serve so get there early.  This year a woman tried to tell us that there is "beach etiquette" and we shouldn't setup our stuff in front of her beach house.  Sorry, madam, you bought the house, but you cannot buy the beach and the ocean!

The Chesapeake Expressway Toll Road

If you are traveling to the Outer Banks from the North or West and you will be heading down routes 168 and 158 to reach the Wright Memorial Bridge, then you will be encountering the Chesapeake Expressway Toll Road on route 168.

Years ago, this toll was a simple $2 affair and you only had to stop a few moments before you would be on your way.  However, times have changed.  Now, the toll is a $6 affair on weekends and with only 2 "CASH ONLY" lanes available, you may loose 20 to 30 minutes of travel time waiting to pay the toll.  E-Z Pass customers are able to get through the toll booths quicker, but there is a easier solution.

Take the "last exit before toll" - Exit 8B and take Hillcrest Parkway to Battlefield Boulevard South.  Follow Battlefield Boulevard South for 4 miles to avoid the toll.  After that you can get back on route 168 south saving yourself time and money in the process!

There is also a shopping center and a low-priced gas station on this route for a quick refueling stop.

Tips to Enjoying Your Outer Banks Vacation!

On this website you will find pages and pages filled with useful and insightful tips for anyone taking a vacation on the Outer Banks of North Carolina!  These tips have been compiled from a group of hearty travelers who enjoy spending several weeks each year on an Outer Banks vacation.

Whether you plan to rest on the northern shores of Corolla and Duck, or shop until you drop in Nags Head and Kill Devil Hills, or hide away in Rodanthe, Hatteras, or Ocracoke, the Outer Banks vacation has everything you need to relax and enjoy some time off from your busy schedule!

Relax and read through our compilation of informative tips to help prepare you and guide you through the best vacation you will ever have on United States soil!


The Outer Banks produces some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world!  Night after night when the weather permits, the setting sun produces inspiring colors and an inner peace to all who witness it's glory!  Our sunset viewing tip is an obvious one to Outer Banks goers- head for Jockey's Ridge!  The large natural sand dune is perfect for drinking in the setting sun, so enjoy!!